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Why do some poker players feel the need to explain to others why they played a hand in a particular way? Quite simply, it’s because they do not … Read more

Changing Gears

By Ashley Adams | November 24, 2009 | Poker Strategy

In poker, a beginner is well advised to learn like the cyclist. Start with one gear. By “gear” I mean style of play. Learn to be a tight … Read more

In order to host a perfect poker game you will need to invest in a good poker table. The kitchen table was great when you were practicing with … Read more

Domination is defined as occurring when two players hold a card of the same rank but one holds a smaller kicker – the player with the smaller kicker … Read more

Who and what really stood out in this year’s Main Event? Including; best player, worst player, best story, worst features, best chad-ism, worst chad-ism, worst play, biggest trend, … Read more

At first glance, there is little to recommend a hit and run strategy to a winning poker player. For him, over time, every hour spent playing poker should … Read more

Why a Phil Ivey win would be good for the game – and why a Darvin Moon win would be a disaster. Will Ivey’s skill and experience be … Read more

I have sworn an oath, taken by many serious poker players, which forbids us from becoming insufferable by telling bad beat stories. I have, however, found a loop … Read more

This is the poker player who, seemingly without rhyme or reason will raise the $2 large blind to $20 – with as bad a hand as 8-5 off-suit … Read more

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a set of poker chips. These include; quantity of chips, type of chips, not forgetting colors, weights, designs. Read more

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