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If it’s an action packed roller coaster ride that gets your juices flowing then check out Multi Strike Poker. Multi Strike is a game which parlays your wins … Read more

In part II of this series about playing micro-limits online, we”ll look at some of the techniques that smart poker players can use to extract maximum value. Read more

Negreanu’s contributions to the game of poker have made him one of the most recognizable faces in the game today – hence his inclusion into the Pokerology Hall … Read more

Some poker players adopt the somber, grim look of a person engaged in a serious endeavor. If you’re smart, you’ll do what I do. Your poker face will … Read more

Some poker players get it in their heads that a sniper is behind every tree with the nuts just waiting to pick them off. This fear has been … Read more

In part one of this analysis of micro-limit online poker, you will learn about the tendencies of these ‘penny-ante’ players that you will not see from those at … Read more

There is always that guy that takes too long. Not just during one hand but consistently. Picture a fun table. There is a natural relaxing flow going. Poker … Read more

Johnson did not earn the name “The First Lady of Poker” just by being an announcer for the WPT. No, her contributions to the game have been among … Read more

Every serious poker player should add home game play to his repertoire of skills. If you can beat a home game, the last thing you want is to … Read more

Luckily for the poker community, Bob Ciaffone discovered the game, because his contributions have been immense. From coaching, to writing, to playing poker. Read more

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