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In order to successfully bluff in poker, you need to figure out what bluffs will work on what types of players. A good poker player knows the difference, … Read more

Tourists who visit Las Vegas have insisted for years that the main attractions on the Strip are mean for “walking and gawking”, while the far less glamorous destinations … Read more

Our poker career could and should be graded on a curve. Over a long and full life our poker playing curve might look something like this Read more

While poker has maintained its popularity in America and grown into a truly global phenomenon, the impact of the initial wave of poker mania appears to have crashed … Read more

It comes as no surprise that the number of women playing poker continues to rise. When I first started playing poker for a living it was normal for … Read more

You probably recognize some of these annoying habits and may have others to add to the list. Identification is the first step to removing bad habits from your … Read more

Avatars, you know those little images that online poker players use to represent themselves – well they are poker tells. Let’s examine some of the more obvious poker … Read more

This is a tale of a particular hand of seven card stud which was played seven handed. It was the very first hand of the evening. I was … Read more

Don’t bother to read this if you are a hardhead, but there is no such thing as luck. You can dwell on semantics and definitions but this article … Read more

You have nothing, but after a few words of wisdom from Mr Mind Control, you feel the urge to call his massive bet for all your chips. You … Read more

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