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With the success of so many poker players who are barely old enough to legally drink their celebratory champagne, what does this say about many of the veterans … Read more

We’re right in the heart of the holiday season, and if you’re running bad right now, strapped for cash for any of a thousand reasons, here are some … Read more

Who and what really stood out in this year’s Main Event? Including; best player, worst player, best story, worst features, best chad-ism, worst chad-ism, worst play, biggest trend, … Read more

Why a Phil Ivey win would be good for the game – and why a Darvin Moon win would be a disaster. Will Ivey’s skill and experience be … Read more

In the interest of making such pro-poker talk as easy as possible, let me share with you five of the talking points I’ve used to persuade my friends … Read more

I was obsessed with poker a while back – even more than I am right now. I talked on the phone and chatted on the internet with poker … Read more

The intent of this piece is to expose the fallacies that the enemies of legal, regulated online poker use to justify their crusade against a game that has … Read more

It comes as no surprise that the number of women playing poker continues to rise. When I first started playing poker for a living it was normal for … Read more

There are little things you can do at and away from the poker table that just may put off that XXL size suit AND help your poker game. … Read more

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