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We all know the obvious risk of losing at poker. The risk is you lose your money and go broke. Big revelation. Some insightful poker theorist I am. … Read more

There is an enormous contingent of online poker players who have rarely or never played in live public games for a variety of reasons. These reasons would include … Read more

Poker is a demanding game. It requires clear, rational decisions in the midst of a complex and constantly shifting landscape. The more bad decisions we make, the more … Read more

Although each approach can reap rich rewards, the differences between them beg the question as to which is actually more effective. Is it the analytical mind of the … Read more

Being students of poker, rather than just gamblers, we know that it’s all about the long run. And so many of us focus on the skills it takes … Read more

Hold’em strategies continue to evolve and catch the fancy of some players and are dismissed by others. One such strategy is “Floating” Read more

Friends, relatives and fellow poker players have sometimes marveled at how it is that I have retained domestic tranquility even while spending so much time away from home … Read more

Conflict is what poker’s all about. This is a central truth of the game that we all deal with every time we sit down to play. We’re trying … Read more

Poker movies have had their share of “bad beats” in recent years. While most of the best poker movies mentioned in my previous article took place before the … Read more

What could be more fun than scamming friends out of a few coins of the realm by outsmarting them with some proposition bets concerning fifty-two pasteboards? Read more

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