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A broader look at the game of poker with words of wisdom to help educate, entice, and make you think.

I’m sure you have come into contact with people that are not devotees to poker and believe you to be just a gambler. I always chuckle at these … Read more

When I think about poker and the long run, I think that my senior friend Alex, who didn’t keep score, but only cared about making friends and having … Read more

I have sworn an oath, taken by many serious poker players, which forbids us from becoming insufferable by telling bad beat stories. I have, however, found a loop … Read more

I’m sure everyone is aware that berating Donkey’s at the poker table is not smart. It is certainly boorish but worse than that, players who indulge in that … Read more

Whatever the endeavor, competitive people, certainly an attribute of poker players, wish to prevail. They desire to score the winning goal, pocket the most balls, hit the most … Read more

Why do we put up with the long hours and the losing streaks, the bad beats, the software dropping its internet connection or the live dealers dropping their … Read more

Most of us who enjoy playing poker and other games are, in fact, conundrum junkies. If we all knew exactly what the outcome of any and all events … Read more

Many learning skills and qualities are more tangible when explained through poker because it has some good jumping off points to teach what is required for life. These … Read more

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