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An understanding of the thought processes and behaviours exhibited by poker players.

Talk to a friend or acquaintance who doesn’t play poker. Ask him about what he thinks are the two or three most important things to learn about the … Read more

Why do otherwise sane, smart poker players occasionally play like fish? Why do otherwise astute poker players behave in ways that are so obviously contrary to the goal … Read more

Poker is war. Though we might not always recognize it as such. Poker disguises itself under the veneer of a civilized game, where chips stand in for bullets … Read more

Fear and desire are two of the most powerful motivational forces affecting how you play poker. For all but the most casual of social poker players, these emotions … Read more

I bet the title of this article caught your attention, especially if you fall prey to the universally eschewed poker downfall of going on tilt. There are many … Read more

We’ve always been taught that hope is a good thing. In the poker world, hope is an entirely different kind of animal. For the poker player, hope is … Read more

What are your hot buttons, poker-wise? If you can learn to recognize the warning signs that a tilt attack is on its way then you can avoid the … Read more

Of all the ways we sabotage ourselves at the poker table few are more pervasive, and ultimately more costly, than impatience. It can seep into every aspect of … Read more

Bad beats and losing sessions are an unavoidable part of poker. The trick is knowing how to handle them. When nothing is going your way and your chips … Read more

There are five ways, chiefly, that being hot to trot in poker can hurt your game. Let me identify and explore each in turn. Eagerness to win can … Read more

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