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One of the earliest poker strategies or disciplines espoused by the pundits, which I learned decades ago, is as true now as it was back then. They advocated … Read more

Unlike many other forms of poker, Texas hold’em is a front-loaded game. That front-loaded structure has a significant impact on playing strategy, although this is a subject that … Read more

There is a phenomenon that occurs frequently among amateur poker players. A recreational player starts running well and winning consistently and comes to the conclusion that playing poker … Read more

Changing Gears

By Ashley Adams | November 24, 2009 | Poker Strategy

In poker, a beginner is well advised to learn like the cyclist. Start with one gear. By “gear” I mean style of play. Learn to be a tight … Read more

Domination is defined as occurring when two players hold a card of the same rank but one holds a smaller kicker – the player with the smaller kicker … Read more

This is the poker player who, seemingly without rhyme or reason will raise the $2 large blind to $20 – with as bad a hand as 8-5 off-suit … Read more

Even if you are an experienced no-limit hold’em tournament player, you should be aware of some of the subtle differences between tournament poker and cash-games Read more

If one looked up the term Poker Nirvana in the PJD or “Poker Junkie Dictionary” I believe it would state that poker nirvana is the invention of the … Read more

Can showing up late be a beneficial poker strategy? Shouldn’t a poker player, like a good student or office worker, be at their assigned seat at the assigned … Read more

If you really aspire to improving your poker game, some homework away from the table (both live and online) will be in order. Some poker players ascribe a … Read more

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