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An assortment of poker strategy articles. Please see our poker school for more educational content.

In this hand, we will play as if we are Phil Ivey. The big disclaimer here is that a hand like this does not come around very often. … Read more

Let’s play this hand as if we are Mike Sexton. What reads do you have on the action for each street? What hand ranges do you … Read more

This hand is as much about reading betting patterns as it is physical tells. When a player is jovial and conversational, it is a usually sign … Read more

Let’s assume that you have a large enough poker bankroll (or a very generous backer) so that you can enter a hundred poker tournaments, each with a $10,00 … Read more

In order to successfully bluff in poker, you need to figure out what bluffs will work on what types of players. A good poker player knows the difference, … Read more

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