Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams lives in Boston, Massachusetts and has been playing poker for decades. He is the author of two poker books and his specialty is 7-card stud and no-limit hold’em.

Talk to a friend or acquaintance who doesn’t play poker. Ask him about what he thinks are the two or three most important things to learn about the game of poker. I … Read more

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Conventional poker wisdom is passed down from teacher to student and from one generation to the next. These poker generalizations seem so simple that they are rarely, if ever, challenged. Until now! Read more

We don’t like to lose. We play poker to win. Our nature is to see losing as failure – instead of as an inevitable part of being overall winners. This tendency can … Read more

Tricky poker players are those who deliberately mix up their play – not consistently playing the same hand in the same situation the same way. A tricky poker player may deliberately slowplay … Read more

There are three broad categories of actions you can take that can liven up a poker game – things you can say, poker actions you can take, and non-poker actions you can … Read more

Everyone knows that poker players are actors. All of us, even the newest fish in the pond, knows that it’s important not to give away our hands by looking pleased with good … Read more

It’s ironic that one of the greatest truisms of the sporting world is absolutely wrong when it comes to poker. I refer to the sports cliché “Quitters never win; and winners never … Read more

The first step necessary in addressing the problems with your poker game is to have an accurate diagnosis. This requires egoless analysis. It’s admittedly tough for many of us to admit that … Read more

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