Barbara Connors

Barbara lives in the Coachella Valley of Southern California and became a serious student of poker in 2001. She particularly enjoys writing about the psychology of the game.

When it comes to sussing out the poker competition, no error is more common, more pervasive, and more deadly than the simple mistake of underestimating our opponents. Read more

It’s no secret how negative emotions can impact the way we play the game of poker. How can feelings like love, happiness, and compassion affect the way we play? Read more

Why do otherwise sane, smart poker players occasionally play like fish? Why do otherwise astute poker players behave in ways that are so obviously contrary to the goal of winning? Read more

Poker is war. Though we might not always recognize it as such. Poker disguises itself under the veneer of a civilized game, where chips stand in for bullets and victory is a … Read more

Fear and desire are two of the most powerful motivational forces affecting how you play poker. For all but the most casual of social poker players, these emotions can have a profound … Read more

We’ve always been taught that hope is a good thing. In the poker world, hope is an entirely different kind of animal. For the poker player, hope is the enemy. Read more

What are your hot buttons, poker-wise? If you can learn to recognize the warning signs that a tilt attack is on its way then you can avoid the catastrophe completely. Read more

Of all the ways we sabotage ourselves at the poker table few are more pervasive, and ultimately more costly, than impatience. It can seep into every aspect of our game, impact almost … Read more

Bad beats and losing sessions are an unavoidable part of poker. The trick is knowing how to handle them. When nothing is going your way and your chips keep evaporating as fast … Read more

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