Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams lives in Boston, Massachusetts and has been playing poker for decades. He is the author of two poker books and his specialty is 7-card stud and no-limit hold’em.

When I think about poker and the long run, I think that my senior friend Alex, who didn’t keep score, but only cared about making friends and having fun, may have been … Read more

There are five ways, chiefly, that being hot to trot in poker can hurt your game. Let me identify and explore each in turn. Eagerness to win can work against you by Read more

In poker, a beginner is well advised to learn like the cyclist. Start with one gear. By “gear” I mean style of play. Learn to be a tight and aggressive player – … Read more

At first glance, there is little to recommend a hit and run strategy to a winning poker player. For him, over time, every hour spent playing poker should be viewed as an … Read more

This is the poker player who, seemingly without rhyme or reason will raise the $2 large blind to $20 – with as bad a hand as 8-5 off-suit or Ace-rag or J-2 … Read more

Some poker players adopt the somber, grim look of a person engaged in a serious endeavor. If you’re smart, you’ll do what I do. Your poker face will be a smile Read more

Every serious poker player should add home game play to his repertoire of skills. If you can beat a home game, the last thing you want is to be turned away or … Read more

I have a friend, Andre, who is relatively new to the world of competitive poker. He and I spend many hours online and in person talking about the game. Recently, our conversation … Read more

I travel a lot. Sometimes my trip is to areas of well established public poker rooms. My recent trip to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker was such a trip. Read more

In the interest of making such pro-poker talk as easy as possible, let me share with you five of the talking points I’ve used to persuade my friends and acquaintances that poker … Read more

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