Beginners Guide to Online Poker

opWelcome to our beginners guide to online poker. Whether you’re goal is to play online poker for fun, as a profitable hobby, or to become an online poker professional – our online poker guide will cover everything you need to know before you start your online poker journey.

You will learn…

  • The history of online poker – and how it became so popular.
  • The main differences between online poker and live poker.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of play money poker.
  • What types of poker tournaments you can expect to find!
  • The best types of online poker games for beginners.
  • The main differences between online poker rooms.
  • How to judge online poker rooms for quality.
  • How to get a fair deal for signing up to online poker sites.
  • How to navigate the software of online poker rooms.
  • The meaning of online poker terms and what lingo to expect.
  • Tips on finding the best and most profitable poker games.
  • Which limits you should play, and how much money you’ll need.
  • Bankroll advice for both cash games and tournament poker.
  • How to safely get money in and out of online poker rooms.
  • What bonuses and promotions you can expect to receive.
  • The hidden costs of playing online poker – and how you can save money.
  • The best methods for playing online poker on multiple tables.
  • How software tracking tools can help you analyze your game.
  • The truth behind popular conspiracy theories and myths about online poker.
  • Why it’s safe and secure to play online poker for real money.
  • And of course, our top tips for online poker success.

While our online poker guide does include plenty of strategy advice, hints and tips related to online poker – it’s assumed that you at least know the basic rules of poker. If you haven’t discovered our free poker school yet, then we highly recommend you take a look at our comprehensive poker lessons in our poker school section. Our poker lessons will help take you from a complete novice to an advanced level, but we know that there’s no substitute for playing experience. Which is why online poker is so valuable – you can learn in a few months what it took people years and years to learn not so long ago. If you combine the things you’ll learn in our free poker school with this online poker guide, then you should be well on your way!

The Online Poker Quiz for Beginners

We’ve put together 20 questions to test your online poker knowledge. If you’ve read and absorbed our beginners guide to online poker then you should score highly. Take the test and see how much you know about online poker!