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The Bodog brand was first launched in 1994, and the company has had interests in many fields but online gambling has always been at the heart of their operations. Bodog poker first came onto the scene in 2005 and underwent a major revamp in 2006. Since then it has gone on to become one of the most successful online poker rooms ranking as one of the top 10-15 most popular sites.

Bodog promotes itself as a brand lifestyle rather than just a poker room and that is somewhat reflected in its choice of sponsored players. At present David Williams and Evelyn Ng make up “Team Bodog”.

The software at Bodog is excellent – it looks good and runs extremely well. They offer a good range of games that are excellent value with softer than average fields in gimmick free tournaments and cash games. We`d say Bodog is a great site for purists and if Benny Binion had ever launched an online room it would have been something like Bodog, simple gambling with a lot of bang for your buck.

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  • Software & Features
  • Player Traffic / Ease of Competition
  • Cash Game Action
  • Multi-Table Tournaments
  • Sit & Go Selection
  • Bonuses / Promotions
  • Customer Service


Unique software
Very soft cash games
Good value tournaments
Interesting promotions
Max of 3 tables at once
Fairly low player traffic


Software & Features

Bodog is a wholly independent poker site and does not at present share its software with any other poker rooms via an online poker network. It would be fair to say that the Bodog software is unique in its appearance – the tables are unlike any other online poker room. The Bodog poker lobby is clearly laid out and is very simple to navigate so you should have no problem finding the games that interests you. The tables at Bodog are fully resizable and details of cards and text remain clearly legible when the table is reduced in size. One rather nice feature at Bodog is the ‘Picture in Picture’ view that may be selected when multi-tabling. In this mode you are presented with a large view of one table in the centre of your screen. Your other tables are presented in a column to the left of the screen in mini mode. Your cards can be seen clearly in the mini mode as can the fold button. It’s possible to play your hand completely in the mini mode but it is a little fiddly. Fortunately bringing the small table into main view is achieved with a simple click of your mouse, an operation the software accomplishes quickly and smoothly. The one slightly negative issue with the Bodog software, is the limit of only being able to have three tables open at once. This puts their poker software behind most other rooms, but it should not represent a major problem to most players.

Player Traffic / Ease of Competition

Bodog attracts 1,000 – 2,000 players depending upon the time of day – a respectable figure for an independent room. The play is often soft and juicy in both tournaments and cash games. This may be attributed to gamblers from Bodog`s sports book seeking to try their hands at poker. Find them today: Play at Bodog

Cash Game Action

The cash game action at Bodog is fairly good. Bodog offers no-limit hold`em from $0.02/$0.05 to $10/$20 and fixed limit hold`em from $0.05/$0.10 to $30/$60. There are usually no problem finding games at the low to mid limits at any time of the day. During peak hours it is usually possible to find games up to $5/$10 and even $10/$20. Given the size of Bodog`s player base it seems likely that if you are playing the higher stakes you will often run into the same opposition. Bodog also offers Omaha, Omaha8b, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud8b and 5 Card Stud. There are usually a few tables open at various stakes, but as is to be expected in today`s NLHE obsessed world, traffic is not heavy. Choose your game: Sign up to Bodog

Multi-Table Tourneys (MTTs)

Bodog only offers no-limit hold`em tournaments and they come in the usual forms of freezeouts, super-turbos, turbos, deepstacks, superstacks and guaranteed. The guarantees sometimes offer a little extra EV especially in the higher entry fee tournaments. Despite, or perhaps because of, the lack of gimmicks the tournaments at Bodog are really very good. The structure is excellent, easily on par with Full Tilt and Poker Stars, and the fields are both smaller and softer than those found at the aforementioned sites. All in all the tournaments at Bodog represent excellent value for money. Bodog`s major tournament is the $100K Guaranteed it has a $150+$12 buy-in, players start with 5,000 chips and blinds go up every 15 minutes. This tournament has an average overlay of $20,000 – $30,000 making it great value to play. Bodog run plenty of satellites for the game and you can win your seat for as little as a dollar. Take your seat for glory: Start playing at Bodog

Sit & Go (SNG) Selection

Bodog offers a wide range of Sit & Go tournaments. The no-limit hold`em STTs start at $2+20c and go up to $200+$15. At the low to mid limits the games fill up quickly so you won`t usually have to wait long to start your game. Bodog does have some multi-table SNGs with up to 45 players able to participate, but these don’t see quite as much action as the regular STTs. You can also find pot-limit Omaha and fixed-limit 7 card stud and 7 card stud8 STTs – although the action at these games is somewhat limited. If you are new to STTs then the Bodog Beginners Sit & Go tournaments might be just your thing. These are 10 seater games where the top 5 places are paid. You won`t get rich playing these games but the extended payout structure will help with your variance as you learn the tricks of the trade. There is plenty of relatively easy money available in the Bodog STTs especially at the lower levels. The games are often pretty tight which makes them very exploitable and certainly softer than games at many of the other bigger online poker rooms. This may be down to the Bodog software only allowing 3 tables to be open at once, something that would keep away the serious multi-tablers. However if you`re happy with that number then you should take advantage of their absence. Get in on the action: Join Bodog Poker

Bonuses / Promotion

By signing up to Bodog via you will be eligble for an exclusive VIP deal. It’s vital that you use our exclusive sign-up link and fill in our submission form, otherwise we cannot guarantee you will receive the VIP deal. Unfortunately we cannot say anything publicly about rakeback with Bodog (that’s their policy), but just know you will receive a great “VIP deal” by signing up via and letting us know you signed up. You’ll also be eligible for a very generous first time deposit bonus of 110% up to $1,100. New real money poker players also get access to 6 exclusive free shots at Bodog’s $100K guaranteed tournament, which runs every Sunday. Here are a few of the interesting promotions found on Bodog:
  • Bad Beat Bonus – Lose a hand with a Full House, Aces full of kings or better and win 100 x the big blind to a maximum of $1,000. Cash games only. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Double Poker Points Bonus – Earn 2000 or more poker points in a month and Bodog will double your monthly total.
  • Royal Flush Bonus – Make a Royal Flush and Bodog will award a bonus of 50 x the big blind to a maximum of $200.
Bodog also offers a wide range of sports based promotions. There are the usual satellites to major poker events but there are also trips to be won to many major sporting events. Claim your 110% sign up bonus: Visit Bodog

Customer Service

Bodog customer service can be contacted in a number of ways. Choose from e-mail, live chat or telephone. On the few occasions I`ve had reason to contact them they have been helpful and efficient and e-mails have been answered promptly.

Bodog Poker Sign Up Instructions

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