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Everest Poker is an independent poker room which burst onto the online poker scene in 2005. Over the past few years they have built up an impressive player base, no doubt helped by the fact that they are a truly multi-lingual poker site (16 different languages), and are one of the few sites to benefit from the U.S. gaming restrictions. They are continually growing and expanding into new markets (mainly Europe), and thereby introducing a huge amount of players into the online poker world – which is good news for skilled poker players.

There is a lot of action to be found at Everest Poker, and while they currently only offer hold’em and Omaha (7 card stud is coming soon), this should suit most players. The cash games at Everest Poker offer great opportunities for skilled poker players, and the choice of multi-table and Sit and Go tournaments are also excellent value. One of the major draws for this site is for poker players looking to win seats into big live events such as the European Poker Tour (EPT).

Everest Poker is an online poker room which would appeal to beginners, casual players, and even seasoned professionals.

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Good for beginners
Easy to use software
Show & fold feature
Great for live satellites
Limited game variety
Software is a little ugly


Software & Features

The lobby area at Everest Poker is one of the best and easiest to use – it’s nice and clean and free from unnecessary clutter, but at the same time all the information you need is right there. It’s well organized and extremely easy to navigate. Nearly all online poker rooms have table filters, but few are as good as Everest Poker. You can also quickly create your own custom table list, which makes finding the game of your choice so easy and straightforward.

The tables at Everest Poker aren’t the best looking, and are quite simple in design which makes them look a little dated. However, you can quickly and easily improve the look and feel by changing the table theme, choosing from 11 styles, including; Hawaii, contemporary, and medieval. Even if the table design is a bit basic, don’t let this cloud your judgement as there are some hidden gems with their software and its playability.

The software is fairly quick, and game speeds are higher than average, with a full 10 seated table having hands/per hour of anywhere from 55-75. The players at Everest Poker tend to act quicker, which is probably helped by the large buttons for advanced plays, rather than the tiny check boxes found on other online poker rooms. While we’re on the subject of the players, if you’d like to know who you’re playing against then you can hover over their user name and find out a player’s gender, age, and country. While this isn’t deeply important, it’s a nice little touch.

Another really good feature of the playing software at Everest Poker is the ability to show and fold. You know the drill, sometimes you want to show your opponent that you’re folding a good hand – and at Everest Poker you can do just that. While it’s not usually a good idea to show and fold since they’re unlikely to return the favour, the option is still there. It’s another small feature or quirk which adds to the uniqueness of Everest Poker – which is an independent poker room.

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Player Traffic / Ease of Competition

Everest Poker has seen a good rise in player traffic over the past 12 months, and is growing all the time. In fact, it’s probably been one of the few online poker sites to benefit from the U.S. gaming restrictions as they attract lots of players from non-English speaking countries. Many of these players might be new to poker, and this could be a reason for the soft play that you’ll discover at Everest Poker. The play here is much looser than most sites, but is better described as poor, rather than crazy. This means you’ll experience less of the massive bad beats and suck outs, but if you’re a good player you’ll win a lot of nice pots from the mistakes made by the poor players. There are plenty of fish at Everest Poker. Enjoy!

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Cash Game Action

There are a growing number of cash game players at Everest Poker. Here’s a breakdown of the games offered:

NL Hold’em (5c/10c to $25/$50): There’s lots of players playing no limit and there’s usually a good selection of limits throughout the day with plenty of heads up, 6 handed and 10 handed games. For the high rollers there are not many above the $5/$10 limit outside peak hours. It should also be noted that those above $3/$6 are mainly 6 handed tables, which will suit the aggressive players.

FL Hold’em (5c/10c to $50/$100): There’s plenty of games up to $1/$2. Beyond this there are a couple of tables at $2/$4, and one or two at $5/$10, and more during peak hours.

PL Hold’em (10c/25c to $5/$5): Like most sites, pot limit hold’em isn’t popular (don’t know why). There’s virtually no action at all other than a few heads up challenges.

PL Omaha (5c/10c to $10/$20): These games are almost exclusively 6 handed. There are plenty of games at micro to low limits, with few above $1/$2, although you will find bigger games during peak hours.

FL Omaha (10c/20c to $30/$60): There’s very little action, and you’re lucky to find a game at any level.

Everest Poker is a good site for cash game players. There are a lot fish to be found at the low to medium limits, particularly during peak hours. The games get tougher as you get to the higher limits, but that’s to be expected. Finding the right game is also very easy thanks to the excellent lobby at Everest Poker. You can use the custom filters and drill down to the exact limits you want, and then look for games with a good flop %. If you need to wait, then you should wait – it’ll be worth it!

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Multi-Table Tourneys (MTTs)

If you like poker tournaments then you’ll really like Everest Poker. There are some really great multi-table tournaments to be found, and many with low buy-ins. There are lots of daily guaranteed tournaments which are very good value, starting from $5. They’re great value because they don’t tend to attract the huge fields found on some of the bigger online poker rooms – meaning you’ve got a much better chance of winning. They also have a good selection of standard rebuy, turbo and speed tournaments. While most of the schedule poker tournaments are low buy-ins, they also have some really great deep stack games at $50 and $100, with nice guaranteed prize pools. Again, these offer excellent value.

If you want to win a seat at a big live poker event such as the European Poker Tour (EPT) and World Series of Poker (WSOP), then Everest Poker should be your site of choice. They run satellites to the major EPT events, as well as other big live events such as the International Poker Cup, and the Asian Poker Tour (APT). You can buy-in to these events directly for between $100 -$200, but they also have lots of super satellites starting from as little as $3, so everyone has a chance. Everest Poker put a lot of focus and effort into sending their players to these live events, and this is reason enough for any serious poker player to join the site. There are some truly great packages to be won.

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Sit & Go (SNG) Selection

Everest Poker offers a very good selection of both hold’em and Omaha Sit & Go tournaments, with buy-ins anywhere from $0 to $500. Admittedly they don’t get many runners for the really big games, but there is plenty of elsewhere. Aside from the micro limits, the most popular tend to be $5 and $10 games, but you’ll also find plenty of action at $20 and enough interest at the $30 level as well. There’s also a good mix of 6 handed, 10 handed, turbo, speed, and deep stack SNGs.

Beginners will also like the free entry SNGs on offer by Everest Poker. There are a huge number of these games running all the time, and whilst the prize pools are very low (just 10 cents), they’re completely free to enter and are limited to 10 players. This gives you the chance to work your way from these free cash SNGs up to $80 in just 8 tournaments. That’s gotta be good!

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Bonuses / Promotion

The standard first time deposit bonus at Everest Poker is a $200 welcome bonus, but if you sign up through our links and make a deposit within 7 days, then you can use the bonus code “POKEROLOGY” and you’ll receive a $300 welcome bonus instead. This exclusive $300 bonus is incremental and you’ll earn $1 for every 14.28 “summit points” gained (summit points explained below). It’s not particularly difficult to achieve the full bonus, though it might be tough for low stakes players to earn all $300 within the time limit (30 days). But the really good thing about this bonus is that it’s not an “all or nothing” bonus, since the money is released gradually.

If a $300 bonus isn’t enough, then you’ll be pleased to hear that all new players who deposit within a week of signing up to Everest Poker are also awarded a token into the “New Depositors $1,000 Cash Freeroll”. The tournaments run on Mondays and Thursdays, and are capped at 3,000 players. You have two weeks to use the token from the date of your first deposit. But remember that you have to make a deposit with 7 days of creating an account, just like for the $300 POKEROLOGY bonus.

In addition to the sign up bonus and freeroll, Everest Poker likes to look after their regular players – and rewards them with the suitably named “Summit Points”. By playing at Everest Poker you’ll earn 8 summit points for every $1 in tournament entry fees, and cash game players will earn 1 summit point for every $1 in rake, including fractional points. This means you can earn up to 3 summit points per had. Every player at the table earns summit points for each hand, regardless of whether they contributed to the pot.

What can you do with these summit points? You can use them to enter special tournaments and satellites, with games running from as little as 25 SP’s. For the more dedicated player, Everest Poker has a “VIP Summit Club” – which all players can choose to join. Players are grouped into tiers depending upon the points earned in the previous month. Players can earn bonus summit points, up to 750% a month, and these can be converted into cash, with rewards of up to $5,000 a month. The tiers are aptly named; Base Camp, Camp I, Camp II, Camp III, The Death Zone, and the Summit. Of course, you have to play a lot of poker to reach the summit, but no one ever said climbing Everest was easy, did they?

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Customer Service

Everest Poker can be contacted several ways; live chat, email, and by telephone (for VIP members only). They also provide plenty of information on their website which often saves the hassle of having to email in the first place. It’s worth noting that their live support is currently available in French, German, Italian, English, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

Everest Poker offers a range of deposit and withdrawal options, which is what you’d expect for a leading online poker room. Payment methods include credit cards, cheques, and a range of e-wallet providers such as Neteller, MoneyBookers, and Click2Pay. Getting your poker winnings out of Everest Poker is also easy, and they generally provide fast withdrawals – which is just one of many reasons why you should play poker at Everest Poker!

Everest Poker Sign Up Instructions

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When you decide to deposit funds simply enter POKEROLOGY as the bonus code for your exclusive $300 welcome bonus.


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