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The iPoker Network is the world’s largest online poker network. They don’t accept players from the United States, but have nonetheless managed to build a very impressive player base with plenty of traffic running throughout the network on a variety of skins. Many of the skins on the iPoker Network are linked to traditional casino and betting firms.

The software used by iPoker is powered by PlayTech, and is very high quality. The game play is superb, with lots of really innovative features. It also has a really classy look and feel to it, with very well designed tables, cards, chips, and the general flow of games is nice and smooth. This all makes any iPoker site an enjoyable place to play online poker. It’s therefore not surprising that the iPoker Network has a big following among poker players, with player traffic constantly rising, month by month.

Due to the large traffic running throughout the network, there are plenty of games to be found – whether it’s cash games, multi-table tournaments or Sit & Go tournaments. There’s little waiting around for the games to begin.

The one big drawback to the iPoker Network is the lack of decent promotions and player reward programmes. The sign-up bonuses are hard to clear, because they don’t want players to easily switch to different skins on the network. So if you’re looking for an easy to clear bonus, you won’t find it at iPoker. And while they do allow some flexibility on promotions offered by individual skins, it isn’t very competitive.

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Very nice software
High player traffic
Good game selection
Mini-Table views
Hard to clear bonuses
Cash games can be nitty


Software & Features

The lobby areas of all iPoker sites are fairly easy to use, but nothing special. The actual poker tables on the other hand are very well designed with nice crisp colours and smooth edges. The cards are big, well designed and very classy – they’ve clearly put a lot of effort into making attractive looking online poker rooms.

Multi-tabling is a breeze at any iPoker site due to the mini table feature, which you can toggle on and off direct from the table. Most online poker rooms allow you to reduce the window size, which is great, but this often means the graphics are compromised, particularly the community cards. The mini-table view allows you to fit more tables on your screen but it’s still easy to spot what’s going on, since the cards are nice and big and the buttons are still a decent size.

The betting action on the iPoker Network is really good. The buttons are nice and big, but they have also have extra options where you can raise 2x, 3x, the pot, and all-in. It’s nice and easy and saves the hassle of having to either use the bet slider or type the amount in. After the flop these options changes to ¼ the pot, ½ the pot, and pot.

Another really nice touch to the software at iPoker is the “chat at the table” feature. All online poker rooms have chat boxes, but when you type something in at an iPoker site it appears at the table as a speech bubble next to your avatar/name – for just a few seconds. It also appears in the chat box, but most people don’t look there, so it’s a nice feature and allows you to have better communication with other players.

To sum it up; the software and game play at iPoker is very good.

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Player Traffic / Ease of Competition

The player traffic on the iPoker network has increased rapidly over the few years. Only Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker have more cash game players than the iPoker network, and the tournament traffic is also very busy. This amount of player traffic is even more impressive when you consider that they don’t allow U.S. players on the network.

The iPoker network includes many big gambling brands like Bet Fred, Paddy Power, Victor Chandler, and others. Poker players that crossover from other forms of gambling tend to be looser, and move up too quickly to betting limits where they lack the necessary experience and poker skills. However, the games at iPoker are tighter than you would expect. There are lots of grinders on this network and it suffers as a consequence.

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Cash Game Action

Here’s what they offer on the iPoker Network, starting with the most popular:

NL Hold’em (1c/2c to $100/$200): There is plenty of action to be found here at the low to medium levels. There are always a handful of games at $3/$6 and during peak hours you’ll find games at $5/$10 with even a few games all the way up to the $25/$50 limit.

FL Hold’em (2c/4c to $300/$600):There’s lots of tables up to and including $2/$4, and a few 6 handed tables at the $10/$20 level, although these are mostly at peak hours.

PL Omaha (1c/2c to $100/$200): Lots of micro and low limit action, and a handful at $2/4, $3/6 up to $5/10. There’s very little above this despite games being offered. Although during peak hours you might find a few games at $25/$50 level.

7 Card Stud (5c/10c +): There are one or two tables at all levels up to $2/4, but virtually nothing above.

PL Hold’em, FL Omaha, FL Omaha Hi Lo, PL Omaha Hi Lo, 5 Card Stud: All these games are offered, but there’s virtually no action to be found.

The iPoker Network used to have a reputation for loose cash games, but that has changed a lot in recent months. The games are very tight and there are lots of grinders. There are better options if you’re a cash game player.

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Multi-Table Tourneys (MTTs)

The iPoker Network offer variety of multi-table tournaments, and attracts fairly large numbers. Nearly all these MTTs have guaranteed prize pools and are scheduled daily, so you’ll always find something worth playing.

For beginners, the iPoker Network offers daily freeroll tournaments with $50 and $150 prize pools. Yes, it’ll take hours of play to even be in with a chance of making a few dollars, but they’re free and offer a good learning experience for beginners.

The more serious poker players will be pleased to know that iPoker offers some big weekly tournaments, such as the $150,000 guaranteed ($75 buy-in), and the $250,000 guaranteed ($300 buy-in). As you’d expect, you can also qualify for these poker tournaments via satellites. You’ll also find a whole host of satellites and super satellites for live poker events such as the Asian Poker Tour (APT), the Irish Open, the Aussie Millions, and many more.

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Sit & Go (SNG) Selection

If you’re a Sit & Go fan, then you’ll like the iPoker Network. They have a large range of SNG tournaments running all the time to suit all budgets, and they also have some very unique SNG specials.

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Bonuses / Promotion

The sign-up bonuses on the iPoker Network are very uncompetitive and have some tough play through requirements. If you’re a beginner or low stakes player then you’ll find it hard to get the full bonus. All the sign up bonuses at iPoker sites are the same, and we can only assume they make it tough so that players don’t keep switching sites.

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Customer Service

Varies depending upon the skin. Winner Poker offers good customer service, with live chat support there to assist you right away.