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From private home games to public poker rooms, the game’s roots involve sitting at a table with real people.

There is an enormous contingent of online poker players who have rarely or never played in live public games for a variety of reasons. These reasons would include … Read more

Today, we are going to ignore online poker and examine the differences between playing poker in private games at someone’s home or in clubs versus playing poker in … Read more

Pub poker has allowed thousands of players to enjoy the poker experience, but how does it affect true students of the game? We’ll examine the benefits and dangers … Read more

I like to travel and I like to play poker. I’ve found a great way of combining the two – by going on a poker vacation. In my … Read more

Many live poker cardrooms and casinos offer promotions to help encourage traffic at their venues. Most of these promotions can actually change the way the game of poker … Read more

Players in casino poker rooms often enjoy many of the amenities that come with the environment, including security. But how can players in a poker home game guard … Read more

There are three broad categories of actions you can take that can liven up a poker game – things you can say, poker actions you can take, and … Read more

Everyone knows that poker players are actors. All of us, even the newest fish in the pond, knows that it’s important not to give away our hands by … Read more

Many poker players use a coin, a little statue or some other trinket as not only a card weight for protection but also as a lucky charm or … Read more

For those of you who have never been spies, cryptography is the art of writing or deciphering messages in code. Many of the sayings around my old home … Read more

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