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I’m delighted to announce that the website (which has been completely re-built from the ground up) is now officially re-launched. Read more

Lou first started writing for in late 2009. It was always a pleasure to read his many written assignments – always on time, always on point. It’s … Read more

Of course, for every classic TV show, there are a dozen failures. Poker shows are no exception, especially ones that try to go “behind the scenes” or tell … Read more

Most poker fans will agree on the two major factors that contributed to the poker boom of recent years: online poker and TV poker shows. Here are some … Read more

Poker movies have had their share of “bad beats” in recent years. While most of the best poker movies mentioned in my previous article took place before the … Read more

The poker game of choice these days is surely no limit hold’em. Many people playing today know no other form of the game. For them, poker is hold’em. … Read more

If poker is inherently dramatic, why are there so few entertaining poker movies? Well, some filmmakers were able to get the carry the feel of the game from … Read more

Poker has changed more rapidly over the past few years than it has in the entirety of the game’s history. Some of these changes were subtle, almost imperceptible, … Read more

It may come as a surprise to you, but a large number of tournament poker players – the pros that you see every week on television, not the … Read more

With the recent success of players like Duke, Annette Obrestad and Vanessa Selbst, the poker media has picked up on the higher profile of women in the game … Read more

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