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A broader look at the game of poker with words of wisdom to help educate, entice, and make you think.

I go to Las Vegas every year to participate in the World Series of Poker. I find even the thin possibility of winning a World Series of Poker … Read more

We all know the obvious risk of losing at poker. The risk is you lose your money and go broke. Big revelation. Some insightful poker theorist I am. … Read more

Although each approach can reap rich rewards, the differences between them beg the question as to which is actually more effective. Is it the analytical mind of the … Read more

Being students of poker, rather than just gamblers, we know that it’s all about the long run. And so many of us focus on the skills it takes … Read more

Friends, relatives and fellow poker players have sometimes marveled at how it is that I have retained domestic tranquility even while spending so much time away from home … Read more

Virtually every decision you make in every walk of life carries some kind of opportunity cost, and nowhere is this more true than in a poker game Read more

Are not the tactics and strategy for much of poker surrounded by deceit and cunning? I don’t imagine Machiavelli played poker but I’m certain he would have been … Read more

Why did I take up poker at the age of 64? And how did I go about learning? Ashley Adams, the noted poker author, recently asked me those … Read more

We don’t like to lose. We play poker to win. Our nature is to see losing as failure – instead of as an inevitable part of being overall … Read more

There are many articles and chapters in poker books dedicated to advice directed at knowing when and how poker players should move up in stakes. However, there doesn’t … Read more

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