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An understanding of the thought processes and behaviours exhibited by poker players.

Short-term perception is often at odds with long-term reality. It’s too easy to get caught up in the immediacy of the moment. Poker players, too, can fall prey … Read more

Nice at it is to begin your poker session with a rush, there are risks involved. Inexperienced and moderately experienced players can be thrown by the early win … Read more

Poker players are forever drawing a circle around some random cluster and then declaring it a bullseye. Every time we complain, “I never win coinflips” or “I can … Read more

There are many ways the sunk cost effect can influence us at the poker table, but the first and most obvious has to do with the money we … Read more

Poker is a demanding game. It requires clear, rational decisions in the midst of a complex and constantly shifting landscape. The more bad decisions we make, the more … Read more

Conflict is what poker’s all about. This is a central truth of the game that we all deal with every time we sit down to play. We’re trying … Read more

Whether you play poker for a living, as a means of extra income, or as a passionate hobby, one of the greatest things about being a poker player … Read more

Whether you’re a casual player or a professional, there is always some element of pressure to succeed in poker. Poker is a competitive game and as with anything … Read more

When it comes to sussing out the poker competition, no error is more common, more pervasive, and more deadly than the simple mistake of underestimating our opponents. Read more

It’s no secret how negative emotions can impact the way we play the game of poker. How can feelings like love, happiness, and compassion affect the way we … Read more

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