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We hope you find a valuable resource. We also hope you enjoy reading our news stories, poker articles, and other unique features. We strongly believe that is an authority site and one that contributes to the poker community. But we also understand that we can’t cover everything and anything on poker – it’s too big a subject! We do our best but there are other great sites too.

Let’s not forget that the World Wide Web “is a collection of interconnected documents and other resources, linked by hyperlinks and URLs” (see Wikipedia). wouldn’t exist without the web and would be invisible without people linking to our site. We believe in the web and you’ll find links to various websites throughout However on this page we want to draw your attention to some excellent poker websites, those that contribute to the poker community, and that we fully recommend.

Authority Sites / Portals

We try and keep you up to date with the latest poker news, but nobody does it as well as the appropriately named Poker News. One of our favourite sites is the long established Poker Pages, where you’ll find a whole host of news, articles, pro tips, and so much more. Perhaps they should be renamed ‘Lots of Poker Pages’ because you certainly won’t get bored browsing their site. These two sites have a worldwide following, but if you’re looking for a more European focused site then you can’t go wrong with the Hendon Mob – now Europe’s biggest poker portal which contains “the most comprehensive database of poker players, venues, festivals, events and results to be found anywhere on the Net”. Poker in Europe is also worth a regular visit, what with their excellent articles, tournament reports, and news stories.

Poker Strategy Sites

While you’ll struggle to find better poker strategy sites than, there are plenty of other great resources. There are literally thousands of sites with poker strategy articles, but one of the best is Steve Badger’s Play Winning Poker, which has been around for the best part of a decade. It’s an excellent resource, and well worth a visit. Poker Tips is another of our favourites – they do a fine job of presenting poker rules and strategy advice in an easy to follow manner. Their weekly shuffle is also a good read. 

Poker Forums

Two Plus Two are the publishers of some of the finest books on poker (Sklansky, Malmuth, Harrington to name a few!) and also host the most active poker forums to be found anywhere online; with the 2+2 forums. They still leave room for other poker forums. Other noticeable community forums are The Poker Forum, and the United Poker Forum. All of these are worth a visit, but of course don’t forget to join in on the discussions at the Pokerology Forums! We might not be as big, but we’re friendly and very welcoming to new members.

If nothing here is of interest then just visit Google and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’. Of course if you think we’ve overlooked any major sites then feel free to contact us and let us know. Also, if you believe in the ethos of the web and agree with us that Pokerology is a fine website, then please feel free to recommend us to your website visitors.