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A look at some interesting situations in poker, such as the mishaps and disputes that can often occur.

While Player A is counting his chips, Player B mucks his cards but cups his hands to make it look like he still has cards. He then states … Read more

A player falls asleep at the table due to his medication and is unable to be awoken. He is in the big blind and there has been no … Read more

During a hand Player A announces “all-in” and moves his stack forward. Player B then repeats this and says “all-in” in a quiet puzzled tone as he considers … Read more

In a cash game a player talked on his phone throughout the night. He would whisper into the phone and pause when he played. I was sitting to … Read more

In a poker tournament where the blinds just went up from 500/1,000 to 1,000/2,000, Player A placed $1,000 into the pot, Player B quickly said, “Call,” and also … Read more

Player A said, “I can’t win,” and left the tournament table. The turn and river means Player A had the winning hand after all. Who should get the … Read more

A player realizes that there were two burn cards before the flop and not one. The dealer had placed the first burn card (original exposed card) face down … Read more

Two players are involved in a hand. After the river player A makes a large bet, and player B says “I see you,” but before he places his … Read more

A player wins a nice pot and he drags the pot toward his remaining chip stack. Shortly afterward, the player to his left says “Where are my chips?” … Read more

A player is all-in and everyone folds except one player who considers calling. He verbally declares that he has a pair of 10′s. The all-in player remains silent, … Read more

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