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Thread: Here they go again

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_Verschueren View Post
    Since the WC was first organised in 1930, we’ve qualified 11 times, our best streak being 1982-2002, when we qualified for each tournament.
    I stand corrected on that then. I remember 1990, particularly this classic moment:

    Quote Originally Posted by TIME View Post
    Is there a "World" Series of rounders? I don’t think so dude.

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    The qualifiers have only just started, over 2 years since the last World Cup. It doesn’t take 4 years to play – it’s a tournament every 4 years. I know football isn’t hugely popular in the US (although it is more popular than it used to be) but it is practically everywhere else in the world.

    football is very popular just soccer not so much ­čśŤ

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