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Thread: If you get a bladder infection …

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queso View Post
    I stopped updating my "tournament log/blog/slog/what-have-you" because the daily/weekly psychodrama became too much even for me to handle.
    There was a time, as you all know, when I was gladly so self-indulgent.
    The short update is this: on the last day of my 3 day cash games WPT seminar, I promptly ran down to the poker room to test my newly learned skills… and entered a tournament instead. :).
    As fate would have it, it was tournament # 200 for me. The guys who put the Boot Camp on had a laugh when they came down to the room later on and found me at the final table of a tournament instead of in a cash game.
    I bubbled that damn tournament. Grrr.
    Anyway, since then, I’ve been neck deep in cash games and busy working out the 3 tons of data they crammed into my head. I’ve gone from thinking I’ll be a millionaire before 2013, to feeling like I wasted my money and there’s no freaking hope for me whatsoever. Lol.
    Now, do you really want to accompany my rambling thoughts daily on that roller coaster ride? ­čÖé

    Hell no.

    Nor do I.

    Suffice to say I tripled my starting buy in, and am now in the hole to the same amount. I’m actually going to play a few tournaments again, starting tonight, on the hope of scratching up $1000 or so to get rolled again for the cash games.
    I’m fascinated and exhilarated by what they taught. I’m just gonna need some more time– and a much bigger roll– to figure it all out.
    TBH, I’d wish you’d stick with tournaments. They seem to treat you better.
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    49 runners, I was in last place the whole game, made the final table sixth in chips, busted 7th when my AQ diamonds got called by the chip leaders k8 off and he called for and rivered an 8.
    Jesus Christ I could paper a bird cage with all the damn bad beats I’ve taken at the ft in tournaments.

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