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Thread: Poker and life

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    Default Poker and life

    Things have calmed down somewhat but I still can’t play very often during the week. It’s disruptive for sure but at least I can play most Saturdays and Sundays now. A few weeks ago I took down a Sunday tournament with 75 players like it was a breeze; this past Saturday we had another "value-added" $100 entry tournament with a $10,000 first prize– and I couldn’t win a single hand.


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    I understand the roller coaster ride we call poker. I hadn’t played in a while and went into Bay 101 (a large room in the San Fran Bay area) and played for a couple of hours and did not win one hand. Frustrating to say the least. I will say that I did enjoy handling the cards, riffling the chips and the interaction of the table. A hand or two along the way would have been nice but I played well and as I tip my hat to Rycky I thought I made good decisions, f*ck results!
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    Hay bambino new baby myself I work during the day and my wife part times at night so I pretty much take care of all the night time feedings he has turned out to be my little poker buddy though and just sets on my lap and goo s and ga, s as I make feeble attempts to talk to him about betting tells in my opponents I actually found that he does make my play better since I don’t go into multi tabling robot mode so much now i only play five tables and always find something to talk to him about but congratulations on the baby. You have a new little protege.
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    Default Poker and life

    And congrats to you! It’s tough balancing out dad duties with quality time for yourself, and it gets tougher as they get older as babies start to actively demand your attention. Luckily, my son sleeps through the night most nights now, so once he’s in bed at 7 my wife and I have the evening to do what we want. I

    ‘ve found that I’ve really gotten back into poker in the last couple of months, although I’m in the midst of a massive downswing at the moment. Probably because I’m playing tired ­čśë
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