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Thread: Advice Low Stakes 5 Max Turbo SNG Ongame Network

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    Default Advice Low Stakes 5 Max Turbo SNG Ongame Network

    Hi All,

    I’m new here…. Not new to poker.

    I play casually and have done for years (live and online), not paying too much attention to everything but have decided to make a change and start studying, learning and absorbing as much information as possible; in a hope you use it at the table.

    Made my first deposit and started tracking, paying attention and generally playing as good as I can. I prefer 5-6 Max SNGs currently on the Ongame Network so playing 5 max.

    Things I understand (but not limited to)…

    Starting hands
    The gap concept
    Player types
    Push and Shove (though needs improvement, about 1/5 off hands played towards end are played wrong as per SNG Wizard)
    Playing tight at the start due to chip value not linear
    Loosing up towards the end
    Heads Up Concepts (I currently have HEM2 which I got through promotion a couple of years ago when I played a lot of HUSNGs)

    The thing I am struggling with is playing against players I have some (not a lot) of hand information about. These tend to be TAG players where I have 1-2k hand history, where I can see for example that EP VPIP 12% PFR 12%, MP VPIP 20% PFR 20% etc etc (these figures are completely pulled out of my head at this point for example purpose)

    My question (yes I will get to it) is once I have an idea of players range how to I start to abuse it Pre Flop, I know post flop his hand ranges help significantly in what he may call, check and fold, wherever he might of hit or missed the bored etc etc. But Pre Flop I’m a bit unsure.

    For Example…..

    I’m button, SB and BB are both very tight players, EP folds and villain raise 2.5xbb in MP, I know from 2k hands he does this 19% of the time putting him on a range (unless a bluffing) A9o+, A4s+, 66+, K/Qo+ and J/Q/K9s+. Normally from the button I would 3 bet with JJ+, call with TT-55, and call with 44-22 if his stack is 10-15 times bigger than the price to plus the odd call every now and then with A/K/QJs+.

    The above is all standard play without any information on who I’m playing against…. But I know this player and know he will raise with 19% of hands from this position, so I want to be able to calculate roughly what I should and can play against him i.e. a call x% and 3-bet x%…. How do I calculate this? How much equity over his hands should I be happy with? Obviously the 3 bet percent needs to take into account how often he will call a 3 bet OOP but then how to do I factor this into the equation.

    Thanks for reading all


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    Hi Jimmy. I haven’t got an answer for you (I’m too rusty!), so hopefully someone else can chime in. I just wanted to say…. welcome to the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim View Post
    Hi Jimmy. I haven’t got an answer for you (I’m too rusty!), so hopefully someone else can chime in. I just wanted to say…. welcome to the forum!
    Working on it, but it is a really tough question to answer, considering everything associated with gravitating towards a particular gametype (the game you like may not be your best game, for starters). But, like you said, welcome Jimmy, I hope to come up with something coherent in the near future.

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    There’s no one answer. A lot of it depends on stack sizes, Your standing in the SNG, etc. TBH, I wouldn’t be calling with hands like AK/AQ/AJ, that’ll just get you into trouble in SNGs IMO. I’d raise AK and probably fold AQ UNLESS I could just shove AIPF. He’d fold often enough that it would be +EV if I recall correctly from the range you put him on.

    I wouldn’t really be overly concerned with reacting to situations like this. In a SNG I’d rather be the one that makes the other players have to make the last decision. If you want to study something, make it ICM. That will do more for you than any advice we could give you in relation to SNGs, I promise. Know ICM better than your opponents and you’ll be a winner.
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    Yeah, I was going to chime in here the other day, but God, this stuff gives me a headache… I would go nuts playing like this. Even when I used to play all the time online, I would shut the HUD off. Good Lord. Three bet with JJ for Christ’s sake and see what happens.

    As an aside, I haven’t played online for quite a while– but I fired up Bovada tonight and lo and behold, took down a 94 person $2 rebuy for nearly $100. Lol. So I suddenly feel qualified to comment. But I agree with Rycky. Get your ICM down cold and then watch them fall like dominoes. 🙂

    The other day in a live $50 tournament, the following exchange occurred:

    (Of course you would need to know these people to get the same kick out of this that I did, but let’s just say that Player #1 is your typical young gun know-it-all (in a good way) who truly can’t stand it when people play poorly. Player #2 is a jovial old fellow who knows nothing about poker but somehow still consistently does well.)

    After Player #2 won a hand with A7 offsuit by cold-calling pre-flop after a bet and a raise, and after calling a flop bet with bottom pair, and rivering a 3rd seven to beat Player #1:

    Player #1: "Um… did it never cross your mind I might have had you beat the whole time?"
    Player #2: "Well, I put you on a large pocket pair, but not AA. So I figured if I call with an Ace, and an Ace hits the flop, I’m golden!"
    Player #1: "OK…Wow. Well, forget about me, did you never think that maybe the player who re-raised me pre flop might have had you beat?"
    Player #2: (dead serious) "That’s too much thinkin’."
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