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Thread: Mixing up what games you play

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    Default Mixing up what games you play

    Hi guys

    I’m trying to get some discussion going on the merits of playing more than one variant to keep yourself fresh.

    I’ve played nothing but cash for a long time and am starting toi feel a bit stale, and so is my win rate TBH.

    How do you split up your time between your favourite game and anything else you might play?

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    Default Mixing up what games you play

    Hello, and thanks for posting.

    I tend to play games as my mood/availability suits me. Right now I’m probably playing more cash games as it fits more easily around work, parenting, etc. It’s much harder for me to commit to a solid, uninterrupted hour for a SnG, so ring games give me more flexibility.

    Having said that, I think my playing style better suits tourneys as I probably play a little LAG for ring games. If you’re finding your win rate is drying up then it might be worth making the switch, but be aware that you also need to adjust your playing style. Sounds like you’re a fairly experienced player, but have you played many tourneys/SnGs?
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