Lou Krieger

The author of many best-selling poker books, including “Hold’em Excellence” and “Poker for Dummies”. A true ambassador of the game and one of poker’s greatest ever teachers.

When playing poker it’s important to understand the levels of thinking, which is to get beyond the cards and think about your opponents and the situation. Read more

In no-limit hold’em it’s important to determine the effective stack size and understand how your stack size influences the play of a poker hand. Read more

Everyone knows that you have to be observant at the poker table and study your opponents. Find our where to start by reading or watching this poker lesson. Read more

In poker you have to bluff some of the time and semi-bluffing with drawing hands is a solid poker strategy that can pay off for you in a big way. Read more

Slow-playing is when a poker player disguises the true strength of their hand as a bait or trap. Let’s examine the conditions required for slow-playing. Read more

Calculating implied odds is unlike pot odds since it involves estimating – or guessing – about the future action of your opponents at the poker table. Read more

Let’s take a look at when you need to consider the reverse implied odds, when you’re the player with a made poker hand and your opponent is the one drawing. Read more

Another look at some real hands from a real no-limit hold’em micro-stakes cash game with blinds of $0.01/$0.02. Even though the players in these games are not skilled players, there’s lots to … Read more

This cash game session includes hands from a real $0.01/$0.02 no-limit hold’em game where we pick out interesting points to discuss, which we hope will help raise your game to a better … Read more

We start this series of beginner videos by looking at a real no-limit hold’em micro-stakes cash games with blinds of $0.01/$0.02 – the lowest real money cash games to be found online. … Read more

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